How to take cuttings

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taking cuttings

Why take cuttings?

Taking cuttings is a great way of saving the genetics of your favorite plant. By taking a cutting you are actually creating an exact replica of mother plant that the cutting comes from.

By selecting mothers that are vigorous in their growth, and heavy in their yield you can eliminate a lot of the risk and cost of growing from seed.

What you will need?

  • A razor blade – it must be sharp and sterile, ideally new.
  • Growth Hormone – we recommend Clonex
  • A small sterile glass/cup (container for Clonex)
  • Growing MediumJiffy plugs, Rockwool etc
  • Seed Tray with Humidity Dome (propagator) 
  • Spray bottle with water

Taking Cuttings

  • Cut the tip with at least two internodes of your favorite plant at about 3” – 6” long.
  • With your razor cut off the bottom two sets of leaves,.
  • Make a cut approximately ¼” below the internode that you just trimmed the leaves away from. The cut should be angled at about 45 degrees to expose a larger surface area of the inside of the stem.
  • Immediately insert the cutting into the glass containing some of your clonex, soaking for 30 secs.
  • Then immediately inset the cutting into your chosen medium, leaving enough room at the bottom for the roots to develop.
  • Gently squeeze the rooting medium around the base of the cutting to support it.

Well done you have now taken your first cutting.

What now?

Once you have taken the desired number of cuttings (its advisable to take more than you need, even the most competent gardener doesn’t have 100% success rate of cuttings rooting) its time to put them into your humidity dome. Spray/mist the lid of the humidity dome making sure the air vent is closed, then put the lid in top of the container.

Cuttings should be kept at between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit at about 90% humidity.  If the humidity drops too much then you can spray the lid again with water, although you don’t want to drench them as we are trying to encourage roots to come out looking for water.

Place the cuttings under a light source, ideally a propagation light observing an 18 hour daylight and 6 hours night time photoperiod.

Between 9 days to 14 days you should start to see some white shots (roots) protruding from the bottom of your cuttings. At this point you can remove the lid of the humidity dome providing the cuttings don’t wilt then they are ready to be transplanted into your desired growing medium. If they do wilt then give the lid another spray and put back on for a couple of days and then repeat.

Maidstone Hydropoincs , Kents leading hydroponics grow shop. If you have any questions about taking cuttings, or require any other indoor growing information then please feel free to contact us today.


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